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Hey everyone! It’s me again!

Hey everyone! It’s me again!

Avantasia Album Art (Great Epic/Fantacy Album Covers)

Avantasia is a German heavy/power metal supergroup project created by Tobias Sammet, vocalist of the band Edguy. Avantasia is often referred to as a rock opera, as it features the participation of many renowned vocalists and musicians.

Studio Albums:
The Metal Opera (2001)
The Metal Opera Part II (2002)
The Scarecrow (2008)
The Wicked Symphony / Angel of Babylon (Double Album; 2010)
The Mystery of Time (2013)

Dark Moor Album Art / Discography (Enrik Garcia is The King!)

Dark Moor is a Spanish neo-classical metal and symphonic power metal band from Madrid. Formed in 1993, they produced three full-length albums before undergoing a line-up change in which three members left the band to form their own project, Dreamaker. The remaining two members carried on under the same name, recruiting suitable replacements in time for their eponymous 2003 album.

Studio Albums:
Shadowland (1999)
The Hall of the Olden Dreams (2000)
The Gates of Oblivion (2002)
Dark Moor (2003)
Beyond The Sea (2005)
Tarot (2007)
Autumnal (2009)
Ancestral Romance (2010)
Ars Musica (2013)

The Fall of Melnibone (2001)
Between Light and Darkness (2003)

Current members:
Alfred Romero (2003–present) - Vocals
Enrik Garcia (1993–present) - Guitar
Mario Garcia (2008–present) - Bass
Roberto Cappa (2007–present) - Drums

Former members:
Javier Rubio (1993-1998)
Roberto Peña (1994–2002) - Keyboards
Elisa C. Martin (1999–2003) - Vocals
Albert Maroto (1999–2003) - Guitar
Anan Kaddouri (1999–2004) - Bass
Jorge Sáez - (1999–2003) Drums
Jose Garrido (2003–2004) - Guitar
Andy C. (2003–2006) - Drums/Keyboards
Dani Fernandez (2004–2008) - Bass

Saint Deamon Album Art / Discography:

Saint Deamon was originally founded by former Dionysus drummer Ronny Milianowicz in 2006. The line up was completed In 2007 with singer JanThore Grefstad (ex Highland Glory), Guitarist Toya Johansson and bassplayer Nobby Noberg (ex Dionysus).

The band signed a worldwide deal with Frontiers records that same year - which up until today resulted in two albums, “In Shadows Lost From The Brave”2008 and “Pandeamonium”2009. Extensive live appearances followed with gigs all the way from North Cap down through Europe - also entered stage in the prestigious festival “ProgPowerUSA” in Atlanta.

Saint Deamon is preparing for their third album with their new drummer Oscar Nilsson and the plans for the festival year 2014 is taking shape.

Band Members:
Jan Thore Grefstad – vocals
Nobby Noberg – bass
Toya Johansson – guitar
Oscar Nilsson – drums

Former Band Members:
Ronny Milianowicz – drums

In Shadows Lost From the Brave (2008)
Pandeamonium (2009)

Dionysus Album Art / Discography:

Dionysus was a Swedish/German power metal band formed in 1999 by Sinergy drummer Ronny Milianowicz and disbanded in 2008.

Dionysus debut album “Sign of Truth” is best known for its productions by Tobias Sammet (Edguy and Avantasia) Album was mixed by Tommy Newton (Helloween: Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 1 & 2).

Sign of Truth (2002)
Anima Mundi (2004)
Fairytales And Reality (2006)
Keep The Spirit (Compilation) (2008)

Olaf Hayer - vocals
Johnny Öhlin - guitars
Nobby Noberg - Bass
Johannes Berg - drums
Joakim Floke - keyboards
Former members:
Ronny Milianowicz - drums
Kaspar Dahlqvist - keyboards

Adagio Cover Art.

Adagio is a French progressive metal band formed in 2000 by guitarist Stephan Forté. Adagio’s music is known by its technical precision and dark orchestration. Adagio keeps unique complex lead workings which are complemented with a powerful and driving rhythm section.
Studio Albums:
Sanctus Ignis (2001)
Underworld (2003)
Dominate (2005)
Archangels in Black (2009)

Current members:
Stephan Forté - guitar
Franck Hermanny - bass guitar
Kevin Codfert - keyboards
Eric Lébailly - drums
Kelly Sundown Carpenter - vocals

Former members:
Vocals: David Readman (Recorded Sanctus Ignis and Underworld)
Vocals: Gus Monsanto (recorded Dominate. Left April 9, 2008)
Vocals: Christian Palin (recorded Archangels in Black. 2008–2010)
Keyboards: Richard Andersson (Recorded leads on Sanctus Ignis)
Drums: Dirk Bruinenberg (Recorded Sanctus Ignis and Underworld)

Stetson Hats, 1952.

Stetson Hats, 1952.

Gil Elvgren.

Gil Elvgren.

twentysixtypes: B Poster Repeat, 2 (by Boldover Design).

twentysixtypes: B Poster Repeat, 2 (by Boldover Design).

Clean… means smooth!  Detail from 1947 Veedol Motor Oil ad.

Clean… means smooth!  Detail from 1947 Veedol Motor Oil ad.

rogerwilkerson: Tennis & Beer - detail from 1950 Budweiser ad.

rogerwilkerson: Tennis & Beer - detail from 1950 Budweiser ad.

Soul Jazz.

Soul Jazz.